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Miraculous Answers To Prayers

March 24, 2019

Rain and Hurricane miraculous answers to prayers are on a separate post.

This year (early this year 2019) I began praying for large scale drug busts inside this Nation (USA) and large scale drug busts coming into this Nation. Since then, there have been many I have seen happen throughout news articles that surfaced. I will continue to pray this evil down.

I also prayed over pedophilia busts within this Nation, and saw answers to those prayers in articles, but I need to continue to pray over this evil.

I prayed for a couple girls in California that were lost in the woods, I prayed for them to be found, and they were found almost immediately after I prayed. (2 young girls that were sisters, that wandered away from their home into the woods.)

I prayed for the healing (last year) of a woman, who I will not mention her name, but she had cancer. She is a special woman of God, who doesn’t know me. I prayed for her healing and I saw the news article, that she believes she has been healed from her cancer.

I have prayed many leaders in and out of high ranking positions. I cannot say the names, because I don’t keep track of them all. I cover churches, government agencies, judicial positions, and other people…I pray Father’s Will to be done, and an uprooting and replanting of people according to His Will.

I am not bragging, but beginning to be bold to shine my light. I humble myself in prayer, but it’s God Almighty who does the miracles.

I have prayed alot over President Trump. Almost every day (minus Dec. 2018-Mar1 2019-when I backslid in sin) I prayed for him and continue. I pray against his attackers and all the enemies of America.

I pray for the rapid exposure of corruption and swift justice upon it.

I have prayed for exposures of sin in Hollywood and seen that surface in the news (this was a year or two ago.) I prayed for Cory Feldman, and continue to pray for the end of all child rape and also all human trafficking and child abuse.

I pray for Isreal, and I prayed recently for the US relationship with Isreal to be strengthened.

God bless Isreal. and God save America.

I pray for abortion to be known as murder and become one hundred percent illegal, as it has ties to many evil things, including child sacrifices to a false god (devil)- known as (wicked) baal and molech. There has been a fight in the spiritual realm over America…but America is a country founded by God and belongs to God. I pray alot over this country.

I am praying for a great harvest of souls, many prayers for the lost souls, the prodigals, and those still standing. I pray alot over the churches in America, and church leaders.

I have begun to pray over division in America. (God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven with it.)

I’ve prayed alot over the National School System the last two years, for God to pour out His Spirit there, bring Bible Study groups and prayer groups back, and keep the kids safe from the violence.

I’ve prayed over prisons.

I am beginning to pray over the food industry in this country and issues related to medical which I cannot reveal at this time.

I am not perfect and I myself need Savior, Jesus, to have mercy on myself, but I still will push through and pray for His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, and His Kingdom to come. Even so, Jesus, come.

That is all I can write for now, but I am praying for the restoration of America to what The Lord wants it to be. I am covering issues in prayer that I can’t reveal. I can’t reveal everything I’ve prayed over, but The Lord knows.

I know medical breakthroughs are coming, and many corrupt individuals will be exposed and stopped soon.

That’s all I can say for now. God bless you and be sure to repent and be ready for the 2nd coming of Our Savior, Jesus Christ…He is coming soon. No one knows the day or hour, but I know it’s soon.

How I wish I had done better, how I wish I had helped more, faster. Even so, He is coming. Prepare yourself by turning away from sin, and gather for His Kingdom for the time is short. Amen.

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Rains and Hurricanes

This is a short blog to make a post regarding the ability to make rain start and stop. Beginning around 2008, I (must have been led by The Spirit of God) prayed for rains over FL because I noticed the lakes were dry or almost dry in the area I was in (Interachen FL). It rained heavily across the state for many days, over a month, until I began to become a little nervous about that secret coming out (that I prayed for the rain), and then it stopped.

In 2017, I began praying again for rains. I prayed over many wildfires in different states that received rain, including FL/GA (rained from around May when I prayed until I prayed for it to stop at the end of Summer).

I also saw wildfires on the news in Oregon, and prayed in front of witnesses for the rain that came to put those wildfires out.

I also prayed over wildfires to receive rain in Paradise/Butte/Camp Fire (California 2018).

I also prayed for the rains that came to put out wildfires in 2017 in Montana, N. California, and several other states.

I prayed for the Storm known as Florence that was expected to be a Cat. 5 (actually was Cat. 4)..and posted publicly (on my Facebook page: Mary Monica Held)…The Lord used me and my prayers to take that storm from what was going to be a Cat. 5 down to a Tropical storm. You can find the images with dates on my Facebook page to show proof of what I’m talking about.

I also helped God to manage other hurricanes, but there were so many that year, I don’t remember which ones besides the Florence one.

I know that I wasn’t praying for Harvey and barely any prayer over Irma, despite the fact that it went right over my house. I guess at that time, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to pray or not. On the night that the eye of Hurricane Irma passed over my house, it was Sept. 23, 2017. There was a REVELATION 12 sign in the sky that night. I had a dream in the middle of the night while the eye of the hurricane passed over my house. I dreamt I was holding a newborn blond haired baby boy with a purple shirt with stars and shooting stars on his shirt. He was snuggled into my neck and I was snuggling him. That baby was actually born that night into the Trump family and is Luke Trump. I believe there is greater spiritual significance to this than meets the eye, however it is deep revelation and I don’t fully understand or have the answers for everything on that. But I know it has to do with the Rev. 12 sign in the sky.

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Venezuela (continued)

Feb. 27th, 2019

Awhile ago someone with a prophetic word said to me they saw the word “Venezuela” come out of me. I thought that was interesting (at the time I knew nothing about that country, didn’t know anyone from there, etc.) This was 2018 when I was given that word.

A few months later I began attending a small church that happened to have some Venezuelans. I ended up in their prayer/Bible study group and learned about the socialism regime of that country. As I listened and learned of the horrible corruption and socialism and all the pain and suffering caused by (the leadership), I felt the righteousness of God rise up in me.

God had already been using me to uproot leaders and replant His chosen people in certain places in America….mostly in the higher positions in American Gov. and also the Church. I just would be led by the Spirit to pray for people to be uprooted according to His will and that He’d replant His chosen people into those places.

So I knew the level of faith I had and was confident in what I would say next.

I made a bold statement. I said that it wouldn’t stay the same. The leadership would change. And one of the men (American man grew up in American church) seemed like he didn’t believe me. But from the Venezuelans, one of them said, “yes, Mary, my mom said the same thing.” And they had hope.

But what they didn’t know was that I went home that day and prayed. And watched my answered prayers happen by studying the news to see the leadership change.

They don’t know yet that I prayed. They just think I am prophetically gifted.

I just want God to have the glory.

Of course, after the prayer, and a new leader was raised up (immediately within a very short time of my declaring and praying for that -All glory to God only).

Anyways, now the rest of the regime is coming out because Venezuela is being birthed as a country for God. But all of this comes by prayer. So watch and pray for Venezuela.

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Venezuela Prophecy


So, about 1.5-2 months ago, I was in my Bible study group with some people from my local church, and some of them were from Venezuela. We were talking about the current condition of Venezuela, and I declared to the group that it wouldn’t stay that way, in Venezuela. There will be new leadership that comes in there…leadership will be uprooted and replanted there according to God’s will. And I could tell at the time that I said this that at least one of the main church leaders there was not believing what I was saying, it looked like it was being blown off…but here we are, and there is a new leader that has begun to rise up out of Venezuela. I believe God will have mercy on Venezuela and give it freedom from socialism/dictatorship. Keep your eyes on Venezuela, as the Kingdoms fight over this country, I believe we will see The Lord’s purpose prevail there and Venezuela will be a “sheep nation.”

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Great Outpouring Has Begun


The cleansing of the church and the “uprooting and replanting” leaders according to God’s will has been going on within the church and outside the church for quite some time now. We’ve seen many leaders removed and replaced and we will continue to see this process unfold as we come into alignment with God’s will, in “Restoration of All Things”. Many leaders have been abruptly removed from their position and replaced with whom God has chosen. This process has been happening because of prayer.

The great outpouring of The Holy Spirit has now begun. The school system of the nation has been under “prayer surveilance’ over the last year or more because of the shootings that were happening, and as a part of this prayer watch, and ongoing prayer for the school system of this nation, Bible studies are being invited into and introduced into the school system. Other teachings that do not align with God’s will…will be pushed out through prayer. Continue to bathe the national school system in prayer.

For those who are ready, whom The Father chooses, the Holy Spirit and even power of God will be poured out onto them. We will begin to hear reports of the manifestation of The Holy Spirit, miracles, etc. all for God’s glory to gather for His Kingdom.

Repentance is very important to God and this is a part of the Gospel message. As a part of all the miracles, there can be a temptation to continue living with sin, but God calls us to come out. I believe there is great responsibility to “turn away from sin” when miracles are done, because it’s like being given proof that God is real, and remember when Jesus denounced certain cities in whom He had done miracles, because they didn’t repent. Repentance is a crucial part of the Gospel message.

In any case, be on the look out for reports of The Great Outpouring having begun.

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Cancer Cure Coming 1-30-19

About a month or two ago I made a declaration of many things that would come to pass. These are prophecies, many of which I’ve prayed for myself. One of the things I noted (on my public Facebook Page, “Mary Monica Held”) is that there will be a cure for cancers that will be released in the US. Shorty after I said that, news articles began to surface that Isreal had a cure that they may share with us. Whether it’s shared from Isreal, or US releases it’s own discoveries, I believe that God wants this released into the earth. He is the Author of Life.

So be looking for the cures for cancer to soon be released in America.